9 Mar 2018

Talk at Escape

So my other job these days is teaching a storyboard masterclass at Escape Studios in Shepard's Bush.
I was recently asked to give a talk to students who might be interested in taking the storyboarding course, or just curious to know what a storyboarder does. You can read about it here -

7 Mar 2018

Go Jetter Storyboard showreel Part 1

3 sequences from 3 of the episodes I worked on for Go Jetters Series 2.
As more episodes air, I'll do a second showreel for other episodes.

These boards are made using a software called Panelforge. Using simplified versions of the Assets (t-poses, no rigging) and 3d environment I create each panel in 3D first in 'Stage' mode. Then I switch over to 'Canvas' mode and add movement and expressions.

6 Mar 2018

A few more Digby Boards

This was one of the last episodes of Digby series one - I think I boarded it back in the early summer of 2016!
Called 'Rather you than me' Fizzy's swapping stone switched the personalities of Chips and Grumpy.

3 Mar 2018

Digby Dragon Storyboards Showreel

Couple of Sequences from some of my favourite episodes from series one.

1 Nov 2017

Happy Haloween!

My last image for Inktober 2017 "We also accept Cigarettes and Booze"

12 Feb 2017

Anti- Valentines Day Screening

Somehow still screening places in 2017... This valentines day, if you think your're stuck in a shit relationship, why not head down to LIAF's anti- valentines day show and see how it could be worse. ;P

27 Nov 2016

Digby Christmas Special

So I've finally started feeling a bit Christmas-y. Thought I'd post some panels from the Digby Christmas 2-part special that I boarded a year ago, but will finally be on TV Next month. Below is an extract from part one. A bit of a snowball fight.

19 Jun 2016


Its almost time!!! Digby will premiere on Nick Jr on the 4th of July...
Just finishing off boarding the last episode at the moment. 

You can watch more clips (and have a go at colouring the character in) here: