5 Mar 2019

23 Feb 2019

16 Sep 2018

more Axo and Croc! - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

Error in Terror

So quite a few months ago I helped out on an anti-terrorism campaign. It looks like its finally going to be made!

You can learn more here - 

19 Aug 2018

Axo and Croc

Attempting a few short bits based on mine and Aaron's conversations to keep me drawing. For some reason, we keep eating curry with a nice hot mug of tea in this weather.

9 Mar 2018

Talk at Escape

So my other job these days is teaching a storyboard masterclass at Escape Studios in Shepard's Bush.
I was recently asked to give a talk to students who might be interested in taking the storyboarding course, or just curious to know what a storyboarder does. You can read about it here -

7 Mar 2018

Go Jetter Storyboard showreel Part 1

3 sequences from 3 of the episodes I worked on for Go Jetters Series 2.
As more episodes air, I'll do a second showreel for other episodes.

These boards are made using a software called Panelforge. Using simplified versions of the Assets (t-poses, no rigging) and 3d environment I create each panel in 3D first in 'Stage' mode. Then I switch over to 'Canvas' mode and add movement and expressions.

6 Mar 2018

A few more Digby Boards

This was one of the last episodes of Digby series one - I think I boarded it back in the early summer of 2016!
Called 'Rather you than me' Fizzy's swapping stone switched the personalities of Chips and Grumpy.

3 Mar 2018

Digby Dragon Storyboards Showreel

Couple of Sequences from some of my favourite episodes from series one.