21 Jun 2011

Cuddly Mr Crisp.

While making 'Bertie Crisp' I also made cuddly toy versions of Bertie and Grace. (well... who needs sleep?) 

And check out this 'Retro' Bertie!!! (Made by Hannah)

Cuddly Toys!!

Making Cuddly Toys has been a hobby of mine for a while. Here are some more of my creation:

a MASSIVE Boo Cat. (Vampire addition)

 Humphrey, from the film Damned. (Dir. Richard Phelan)

15 Jun 2011

Carrying the Light

This is the trailer for 'Carrying the Light' A documentary about a Rabbi who walks from Frankfurt to London, carrying the light from his Grandfathers Synagogue to his own.

I made the animated maps/ transitions and the title for the film, which appears at the end of the trailer.

3 Jun 2011

Life Drawing