26 Dec 2011


Ok... so a bit too late, but still....

16 Dec 2011

Bertie Goes Down under!!

Bertie has been accepted into FLICKER FEST 2012! in Sydney, Australia!  

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

So my latest job had been creating the animated title sequence for the BBC's 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood'. Its a Charles Dickens Novel, his last one that sadly he never finished- but now the BBC have. (or at least had their go) 

'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' Episode One premiered at the BFI last Thursday, and will be aired on TV at 9.00-10.00pm on Tuesday the 10th of January, on BBC Two. 

Unfortunately untill after the programme has aired I am unable to release any of my production stills, videos etc. But stay tuned! :P

For more information, please visit: 

15 Nov 2011

Bertie Gets his First Win!!


For more info, and to see the other winners go here:  

24 Oct 2011

2 Short Nights Film Festival

Bertie has been accepted into '2 Short Nights' Film Festival, in Exeter! It will be screening at 7.30pm on Thursday 1st December, 2011 at Exeter Phoenix.
For more information, visit: 

20 Oct 2011

Bertie Crisp USA Premiere!

Bertie Crisp has been accepted into the Los Angeles Comedy Fest- LAughter!! 
For more information, Please go to their website!! 

19 Oct 2011

Bradford Animation Festival! (BAF)

Bertie Crisp will be screening at BAF on Wednesday the 9th of Nov at 2PM, and Thursday the 10th of Nov at 8PM, in Panorama 3. 
For more information, and to book your tickets, please see the website! :D http://www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk/BradfordAnimationFestival/diary.aspx http://www.nationalmediamuseum.org.uk/bradfordanimationfestival/viewbaffilm?id=10086

10 Oct 2011

FLIP International Animation Festival

Bertie Crisp will be screening at this years FLIP International Animation Festival!!! 

You can catch it on Friday the 27th of October.

4 Oct 2011


Bertie will be screening at this years Encounters festival in Bristol!!!

Programme: Animation 5: Domestic Bliss
Screening 1: Wednesday 16 November 6:00pm, Arnolfini
Screening 2: Friday 18 November 12:00pm, Arnolfini 
Please visit the Website for more informaiton! 

28 Sep 2011

P I S A F !

Bertie Crisp has been accepted in to Pucheon's International
Student Animation Festival (PISAF) in South Korea!

For more information abou the festival, check out their website: http://www.pisaf.or.kr/

14 Sep 2011

Face Britain!

Recently, myself and Dani Negrin (A fellow NFTS Animator) have been working on the animations for a website called 'Face Britain' which Launched today (It was quite a mental deadline!).
Its a massive art project for children- a huge collection of their self portraits.

You can find out more, and watch all the animations we made on their website:

Here is one of the sequences I boarded and animated:

30 Aug 2011

Ideas Tap Interview

I got interviewed by Ideas Tap. http://www.ideastap.com/ Its a creative network which help with funding. Its a pretty good place where you can easily upload and showcase your portfolio and make more contacts- Its like Facebook for artists and film makers! :D

27 Jul 2011

London International Animation Festival!

Bertie Crisp has been accepted into the London International Animation Festival! (LIAF)
You can see it screened in the International Programme 5 on the 30th of August, at 8:30 PM at the Barbican! (Follow the links below for more information and to book your tickets!)

Bertie on the BFC!

The British Film council has accepted Bertie Crisp onto its film Directory!

23 Jul 2011

Bertie Crisp Character Designs.

Here are the some of the character designs from my Grad film 'Bertie Crisp'. 
(These are pages taken from my portfolio)

5 Jul 2011

Toon Boom Boo

I've been trying to teach myself Toon Boom recently. Here is my first attempt at using it, and also animating Boo Cat.

TV Chat show Alien

This is the design, and the suit of 'Zeldaro', an alien who Hosts a chat show called 'Life from Earth'. An NFTS TV creation from students Tim Partridge, and Omar Kenawi.
I was asked to design their alien host from their specifications, and then make the costume with a working blink.

4 Jul 2011

Genie in a Tea Pot

Been playing with Photoshop in my free time. Its nice to actually concentrate on just one drawing, instead of a few hundreds.

Anyway, I decided to colour an old sketch I did of a genie in a teapot, back when I loved to draw monsters. (Not that I don't love to anymore)

21 Jun 2011

Cuddly Mr Crisp.

While making 'Bertie Crisp' I also made cuddly toy versions of Bertie and Grace. (well... who needs sleep?) 

And check out this 'Retro' Bertie!!! (Made by Hannah)

Cuddly Toys!!

Making Cuddly Toys has been a hobby of mine for a while. Here are some more of my creation:

a MASSIVE Boo Cat. (Vampire addition)

 Humphrey, from the film Damned. (Dir. Richard Phelan)

15 Jun 2011

Carrying the Light

This is the trailer for 'Carrying the Light' A documentary about a Rabbi who walks from Frankfurt to London, carrying the light from his Grandfathers Synagogue to his own.

I made the animated maps/ transitions and the title for the film, which appears at the end of the trailer.

3 Jun 2011

Life Drawing

4 Mar 2011

2011 Showreel

My 2011 showreel. Featuring clips from Bertie Crisp, Bunny, Anger Management, Supper, Heart, Master, and animation tests.

Bertie Crisp Trailer!!!

For more information, go to: 

3 Feb 2011

Mr Bertie Crisp.

Wow. I havn't updated in almost a year?!
Well, This is what I've been working on. :D