27 Nov 2016

Digby Christmas Special

So I've finally started feeling a bit Christmas-y. Thought I'd post some panels from the Digby Christmas 2-part special that I boarded a year ago, but will finally be on TV Next month. Below is an extract from part one. A bit of a snowball fight.

19 Jun 2016


Its almost time!!! Digby will premiere on Nick Jr on the 4th of July...
Just finishing off boarding the last episode at the moment. 

You can watch more clips (and have a go at colouring the character in) here: 

3 Apr 2016

False Taxidermy

So a few months ago Blue Zoo Animation (where I have been working) decided to have a little competition to create some False taxidermy for the studio walls. I deiced to create 'Gunter':

 Made using newspaper, cardboard, ModRok, Air dry clay, then painted with acrylic and covered with fur. 

Gunter won me the competition :D 

27 Mar 2016

Coming Soon!

So, This is the reason I have been quite quiet this last year. I have bee working as a full time, in house Storyboard artist on Digby Dragon! (And... I've also written one of the episodes) Its been very hush hush, This is probably the first image of the final Digby and friends available on the internet, before there was just the original pilot and old designs when it was aimed at a much younger audience (I've also included below- its very interesting how far it's come) MORE SOON!!!

Original designs (back in 2013) -

For more information, here is an article: 

26 Mar 2016

Zombies Next Door

So for a BBC children's pilot I was asked to design and create a monster puppet. I had just one condition.... that I would get to puppeteer it too! Below are some of the designs, and the final monster...

31 Jan 2016


So this Christmas, I decided to make some personalised presents... and discovered.... Shoe Painting!!! Not exactly animation, but still... 

Axolotl Shoes!! 

Robocop Shoes! 
(ED-209 on the left and Robocop on the right)

Moomin Shoes! 

2016? ... what happened to 2015?

Wow... I can't believe I didn't post anything in 2015?! Terrible of me... I've been pretty busy working on something that's due out this Spring, but in the mean time, I'll be posting some of my other projects! I promise! :P