26 Nov 2012


Bertie Screened at this years 'BANG! Animation Festival' in Nottingham!

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31 Oct 2012


Bertie will be screening at this years Magma Film Festival! 

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21 Oct 2012

7 Oct 2012


Bertie Crisp will be screening at this years Aesthetica Short Film Festival (ASFF)
in York From the 8th- 11th of November.

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1 Oct 2012

The Van d'Or Awards

At the Van d'Or Awards 2012 (aka. Cannes in a Van) Bertie Crisp won 'Best Animation'! Woo!!! 

This means that Bertie Crisp is off to Cannes film festival!... in a van! 
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30 Jun 2012


Bertie Crisp will be screening at the 15th Guanajuato International Film Festival! July 20th - 29th, 2012 in San Miguel de Allende & Guanajuato, México.

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23 Jun 2012

Anima Mundi 2012

Bertie Crisp Will be screening at this year's Anima Mindi in Rio de Janeiro! Its our Brazilian Premiere! :D .

(On the poster, Grace is wondering why they have a statue of Richard Branson- or 'the Telly Channel guy')

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7 Jun 2012

RUSHES Soho Shorts

Bertie is screening at this years RUSHES! Soho Shorts in Animation Programme 2 
(Tuesday 17th July, 20:30 Old Crompton Street, SOHO) 

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28 May 2012

Anger Management

From my first year at the NFTS, this is my 'Project Two' film.
Project two focused on character development and gave us the chance to work with voice actors for the first time.

The only rules we had was using our character, and someone else's- we have to make them hug.
My character was 'Simon', a Bat with anger management issues... the character I got was 'Vincent', an elderly Cartographer who is bitter with the world... not the most likely to hug.

The film is done completely in Biro (Ball point Pen) on paper (using a light box) Being in able to make mistakes sped me up- as I only had a few weeks to make the film.
The set up is- Simon and Vincent meet in the canteen of a community centre. Vincent has been to Calligraphy class, Simon to Anger management.

My Top animating speed on this project was 112 Frames (Individual drawings) a day- but I did have to sellotape the Biro to my hand, due to RSI...  I could only keep up that speed for about 2 days (@_@)

27 May 2012

Sand Animation!

Sand Animation from my first year at the NFTS- Taught by Caroline Leaf.

The 'Story' is based from my childhood, when I would have a plastic skellington (insted of Barbie), there was a stream in the next village me and my brother would paddle in. We would dangle our plastic skellingtons (Bonies) in the water, pretending they were fishing for us :D

25 May 2012


Bertie is now on DVD! (... A proper DVD :P)

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18 May 2012


Bertie gets his Canadian Premiere at the Worldwide Short Film Festival in Toronto!

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and for information on when and where Bertie will be screened there, please see: worldwideshortfilmfest.com/films/bertie-crisp

13 May 2012

Character of Place

Ok, so I've finally gotten around to uploading some of my NFTS First year projects. 
This is my Character of Place project, and one of the most fun to make!
We worked with the Cinematographers and Production Designers to create a short Pixilation/ Stopmotion animated film.
We had 5 Days to plan what we were going to film, Build and light the set, Animate the film, strike the set, and edit (O_O)
Mad... but SO much fun!!!! 

Naturally with it being Pixilation... I went the easy horror route :P ... also in props stores there were loads of hospital stuff for us to scavenge... and the NFTS also has an awesome SFX Department.

Francesca Adams - Animation Directior
Ines Afonso - Production Design
Maja Zamoja - Cinematography
Tom Drew - Sound Design
Caroline Bridges - Actress, Animation Assistant
Corinne Ladende - Animation Assistant
Tom Goodwin - Animation Assistant
Anna Lind - Internal Organs

8 Apr 2012

26 Mar 2012

British Animation Awards!

WOO! We won the British Animation Award for Favourite short film, in the Public Choice. 
All the BAA awards are hand made pieces of art from famous animators- 
mine was made by Daniel Greaves!

For the list of the 21 venues the public Choice Screened at, please see our Previous Poster 
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29 Feb 2012

Lincoln Shorts

Bertie Crisp will be screening at Lincoln Shorts! 
Lincoln Drill Hall
7th March, 2012

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12 Feb 2012

Skwigly Interview!

While I was at the Encounters Festival with Richard, we met up with Ben Mitchell- a writer for an Online animation magazine called Skwigly who wanted to interview us on our grad films (Bertie Crisp and Damned)

30 Jan 2012

BAA Sting

This is my 'BAA Sting' made to promote the British Animation Awards. 
(For their 'Sting' Competition) 

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25 Jan 2012

British Animation Awards!

Bertie Crisp will be screening at 21 Different Venues, as a part of the 
British Animation Awards- Public choice (in Programme One)

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20 Jan 2012

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

So this is the title sequence I created fr the BBC's 'The Mystery of Edwin Drood' Which was first broadcast on the 10th of Jan at 9PM on BBC Two and BBC HD.

The main Idea for it was to convey a journey form London, to a place called Cloisterham in the countryside. Below are some of the first concept for the sequence, as it started out much more 'inky' with blocks of colour to show what was countryside and what was London.

There was much more detail on the buildings as they were drawn in ink, and the coloured ink seeped and spread as the camera tracked across the paper. But the problem with this graphic style was that the camera had to track much slower to give the ink time to draw in the detail and the colour, which heavily reduced the distance that felt travelled- Cloisterham had to feel very far form London.

The lines had to be much more simple- had to feel as though they were racing over a distance. So eventually, they became more and more simple, until all we had were streaks of ink.

We also went back to looking at Victorian ink drawings- we needed to go into detail at either end of the sequence so it was clear that we started in London, and ended in Cloisterham. The camera would have to track slowly/ pause over these drawings to give them time to develop.

One of the main problems we had was the camera movement. The camera doesn't just track from Left to Right, it also tracks back from London, and then tracks into Cloisterham. Theoretically simple, but because this project was fully digital- it meant that we would have to use a plate that quite a lot bigger than HD (@_@) ... and we had quite a few problems getting any computer to cope with it.
In the end, I made a low res plate and animated the camera move over it for reference.

The Victorian Drawings are animated Backwards- Drawn on several layers, I erased them bit by bit per frame. The main Ink lines are animated Frame by frame by duplicating the previous frame, moving it into position, (using the low res reference) and drawing the ink bleeding further.

The main two programmes used for this were Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.

Below are some of the final storyboards of the animation, though the zoom, position of the title card and what was cut to at the end were changed during the anamatic stage.

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