13 May 2012

Character of Place

Ok, so I've finally gotten around to uploading some of my NFTS First year projects. 
This is my Character of Place project, and one of the most fun to make!
We worked with the Cinematographers and Production Designers to create a short Pixilation/ Stopmotion animated film.
We had 5 Days to plan what we were going to film, Build and light the set, Animate the film, strike the set, and edit (O_O)
Mad... but SO much fun!!!! 

Naturally with it being Pixilation... I went the easy horror route :P ... also in props stores there were loads of hospital stuff for us to scavenge... and the NFTS also has an awesome SFX Department.

Francesca Adams - Animation Directior
Ines Afonso - Production Design
Maja Zamoja - Cinematography
Tom Drew - Sound Design
Caroline Bridges - Actress, Animation Assistant
Corinne Ladende - Animation Assistant
Tom Goodwin - Animation Assistant
Anna Lind - Internal Organs

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