29 Dec 2009

Christmas Crisp eatings

A Boo Cat interlude.

18 Dec 2009

Project 2

Project 2 was based around designing and developing a character. Once we had a fully developed character, we were then asked to take on someone else's character and create a short animated film in which they hug. My character was a bat called Simon, his back story was that he used to own a pub in Hull, but lost it when he was arrested for attempted arson on a rivals pub. As part of his probation, he was asked to attend anger management classes. The character I received was an elderly retired cartographer called Vincent, created by Daniela Negrin. Unable to travel as he once did, Vincent is fairly bitter towards the world, considering himself above most people.

The film is set in one of the few places I could think of in which people like this would meet. Simon just leaving his Anger management class, and Vincent taking a break from his calligraphy class, meet in the canteen of their local community center- host to many self help and night classes.

I used Biro on paper to animate the film, and somehow got it done within four weeks. I got through about 5 pens, one and a half boxes of animation paper and a pad of dope sheets (ye olde animation style)

17 Dec 2009

Character of Place

A pixilation project, collaborating with Production Design and Cinematography. I shamelessly took the easy pixilation rout and went for horror. It meant I got to pillage special effects for organs. We started with a small section of the main stage, with 3 flats. 1 day to plan, 1 day to build, 1 and a half days to animate and half a day to strike the set. Somehow I managed to get 10 minutes of footage.

16 Dec 2009

Project One

Project One was designed to help our story boarding and Anamatic skills, while collaborating with the Editors. We had to make an anamatic of a story based on 'Jack and Jill'.

My story was about an old lady who mistakes her husband for an octopus...

Sand Animation

At the beginning of my first year at the NFTS, we got to do a sand animation workshop with Caroline Leaf. We did a morph exercises, a one day picture exercises (we were given illustrations to draw inspiration from) and a four day exercises, based on a child hood memory.

14 Dec 2009

Other Bits and Pieces.

Here's a show reel of everything else I did during my time at the UCA. Its made up of experiments, tests, and half made films.

13 Dec 2009


My grad film at the UCA. Its pencil on paper, and again was pretty much all made in my bedroom. I offically became the 'Crazy Cat lady' of my uni after this.

Groove Cat.

My second film at the UCA. With house of cake- I spent most of my time colouring in rather than animating, so with my second film, I decided that I want to just animate for the sake of animation. Pencil on paper with a very dodgy song made on garage band. The ninjas? ... don't ask.

Before NFTS

Before I started at the NFTS I did a BA in animation at the University for the Creative arts (Previously known as The Surrey Institute of Art and Design) in Farnham. Here's the first film I made there. Actually its the first film I've ever made. Its hand drawn, the coloured on Adobe Photoshop, and put together on Premiere (Before I really knew how to use either programme) I think this film says a lot about me and what I like- Dark but Daft. I apologise for the bad quality- especially the voices. The whole thing was pretty much made in my bedroom.

Hello Blog.

Ever since my website died, I've been meaning to start a blog.