18 Dec 2009

Project 2

Project 2 was based around designing and developing a character. Once we had a fully developed character, we were then asked to take on someone else's character and create a short animated film in which they hug. My character was a bat called Simon, his back story was that he used to own a pub in Hull, but lost it when he was arrested for attempted arson on a rivals pub. As part of his probation, he was asked to attend anger management classes. The character I received was an elderly retired cartographer called Vincent, created by Daniela Negrin. Unable to travel as he once did, Vincent is fairly bitter towards the world, considering himself above most people.

The film is set in one of the few places I could think of in which people like this would meet. Simon just leaving his Anger management class, and Vincent taking a break from his calligraphy class, meet in the canteen of their local community center- host to many self help and night classes.

I used Biro on paper to animate the film, and somehow got it done within four weeks. I got through about 5 pens, one and a half boxes of animation paper and a pad of dope sheets (ye olde animation style)

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