25 Mar 2014

Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs- Nickelodeon Promo

So, a while back I was asked if I wanted to work on boarding a Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 promo for Nickelodeon- and of course said Yes! It sounded awesome! ... but in reality it was so much more complex- but I still got to draw the characters and it was being done through Blue-Zoo, a studio I love to work for.

We were given clips of characters from the film on a alpha channel. Using the clips, we had to create a promo which started out on the Nickelodeon logo and ended on the Cloudy logo. So the characters couldn't be reanimated, we had to create backgrounds and camera moves which they fit into- sort of a collage.
Unfortunately the first 4 clips we were given were short, and obscure. Lucky for me! the Blue Zoo guys had allready had several ideas of how to patch the clips together. I just had to draw them in a way to see if they worked, and then to make them look appealing to the client.

Here are the presentation boards of the 3 ideas. The last one (Gone fishing) is the one that was decided on.  

'Popcorn' Using just 1 clip of the characters- the main characters. 

'Ahoy' This uses all 4 of the first set of clips given to us. 

'Gone Fishing' below is version 5 (or higher?) of 'Gone Fishing'. The water changed a few times, an loads more character clips were released for use.