14 Feb 2013

Lets Get Squiggling! Storyboards

So last year I got the chance to be Storyboard Artist for Ceebeebies 'Lets Get Squiggling- Letters!' at Blue-Zoo. It was pretty awesome, Each episode was based around a letter of the alphabet, so they had whole new characters and settings for each.

Here are some from one of my favorite episodes- D (Dinosaur, Dentist and Donut)

you can find out more about the series here: 

and watch the latist episode on BBC i player (which is Ep D) www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/cbeebies/episode/b01qsl16/Get_Squiggling!_Letters_Letter_D

Y was another one of my Fave episodes. It involved an over sensitive Yeti.

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