4 Nov 2013

Slack Tide... Coming... Er... Eventually.... (O_O)

I've been working on a music video for the single Slack Tide by a band called Empty Pools for the past few months, and its almost finished! :D

Hit some render issues and general... 'This file is far too big to handle without splitting it into 12+ files'. And the fact that I have just one computer have made what should have been a weeks work into almost an extra month (@_@) BUT the end (the real end this time!) is in sight.

The Official release of Slack Tide by Empty Pools will be in a week or so. But until then, I thought I'd post some stills and a link to the song :D

The track 'Slack Tide' by 'Empty Pools' is now available :D 
You can listen to it here: 

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