19 Mar 2010

Live Project- Pt2

And/ Or Kraszna Krausz
I had planned for the Backgrounds to be CGI (Good for camera movement) The Balloon to be 2D Digitally drawn, Flying books and fore-ground pieces of the library to be live action (On a Green screen) and the Dog to be cut out animation, with any extra animation and composting done in After Effects.

Cut out Doggie.
Ok, so not so much of a 'new' technique to me. Unfortunately with my booking of the green screen stage constantly being pushed back and canceled, I realised that although It would have been best to start with the live action (then CGI, then Cut out dog, then 2d Drawn...) I couldn't wait to start after, so I had to start with the dog.

Squirrelled away in a storage container to escape the light, My cinematographer- Caroline Bridges set up a rostra with a glass plane to animate on over a green screen, the lighting, and
managed to get us a beautiful camera that worked with the stop motion software (Dragon)
My doggie puppet was made from photos of Hungarian Vizlas (Kraszna Krausz was Hungarian and we were asked to include some sort of a link to Hungry- Vizlas are their national dog... apparently)

By the way- It was FU**ING FREEZING in that metal container. It decided to heavily snow on the days I needed to animate. (O_O)

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