19 Mar 2010

Live Project- Pt5

Finally with all the Cut out, CGI, and drawn animation done as well as the Live action shots finished it was time to see if this would all actually work. I hadn't been able to do the sections in the order I needed to, to make sure everything would fit due to availability of both people and resources, so everything was based on estimations and rough calculations. ...I had also never used Adobe After Effects before- my final 'new thing' to try out.

I think overall it came out quite well- a bit of a patch work job, but considering it was a learning process, not bad. Of course if I had the chance to do it again, I would be able to do it much better, knowing the techniques a little better and knowing where I went wrong. But- Its like that with every thing.

People who worked on this project:
Producer: Andrew Start
Cinematography: Caroline Bridges
Composer: Jon Wygens
CGI backgrounds animation: Peter Renton
DPP: Andrew Quinn

More information about this competition can be found here: http://www.kraszna-krausz.org.uk/andor-book-awards/

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